How do I schedule a visit?

First appointment online scheduler.

Current patient online scheduler.


What should I expect at my first visit?

At your initial consultation Dr. Harvison will listen to your story and review your health history and treatments.


What is your cancellation policy?

Please give 24 hour notice if you are unable to make your appointment.


How much does the first visit cost?

The first visit is $150. You may qualify for reduced fees.


How long is the first visit?

The initial consultation is 60 minutes.


What should I bring to my first visit?

To get the most value from the first visit complete and email your intake questionnaire 24 hours in advance. Bring any pertinent medical records, test results, and current supplements.


Do you sell supplements?

Yes, we recommend premium, medical-grade supplements and botanical medicines that you can purchase and refill online and have shipped directly to your door. Pricing is 100% transparent with no mark up and priced at our cost (35% off retail).


How much should I budget for functional lab testing costs?

We’re committed to your access to the services, laboratory testing, and supplements you need through transparent and affordable pricing. We provide labs and supplements at our cost and pass the savings onto you.

On average, you should budget between $500-$700 for functional lab tests.


How does the lab testing work?

Functional lab tests are typically done at home with a kit and clear instructions we provide to you. Payment is made directly to the lab to ensure access the lowest price possible.


Does your office accept patients that live in other cities or countries?

At this time we are only accepting local visits. Skype visits may be an option in the future.


What are your office hours?

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9am-3pm. Other times may be available by appointment.

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